About Fernando Naclerio

Fernando Naclerio, Ph.D Sport Science and Physical Activity by Leon University – Spain, BSc. Sport Science and Physical Activity by Polytechnic University of Madrid – Spain.
“He was awarded a prize as the Best Researcher of the Sports Science School at the European University of Madrid in 2008-2009”.
Currently, Dr. Naclerio joined the University of Greenwich in July 2011 as Principal Lecturer in Strength Training and Sport Nutrition and Programme Leader of MSc Strength and Conditioning at the Centre for Sports Science & Human Performance. Furthermore, he collaborates as a lecturer in other Master’s programs such Human Nutrition at the University of Greenwich and the Master Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition at the University School of Real Madrid- European University.
Dr. Fernando Naclerio’s research is currently focused on the effects of resistance training and nutrition strategies (diets natural supplements) on performance, injury prevention and muscle structure and morphology in children, adolescent’s young and older people.
Areas of Expertise
• Expert Strength and conditioning.
• Sport Nutrition and supplementation for athletes.
• Applied Exercise Physiology.
• Conditioning training for team Sport.
• Conditioning training for fighting sport.
• Training with children and adolescents.
He has 4 books and more than 30 chapters of published books in Sport Nutrition and strength training.

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